Avoid These Essential Oils

Avoid These Essential Oils

In this article we will go over several harmful essential oils that could damage your health. It will include harmful methods of consumption. This article will also offer natural substitutes to replace these harmful essential oils.  Which Essential Oils to … Read More

Problem with Deodorant

The Problem With Deodorant

The use of deodorant poses many problems, starting with it being a simple band aid for body odor when body odor can be pinpointed to a mineral deficiency(s), toxicity, or symptom of ill health. Furthermore, many deodorants are filled with … Read More

Vitamin A Sunlight

This Can Make You Allergic to Sunlight

“Vitamin” A toxicity can cause allergies to sunlight (which are really toxicity reactions). Sunlight is crucial for a host of vital bodily functions from immune to mental health. Various skin creams and sunscreens marketed to block “harmful rays” contain whopping … Read More

uranium water supply

Forget About Fluoride — There’s URANIUM in Your Water Supply!

Who had uranium in the water supply on their 2023 bingo card? Well, that’s one thing you can cross off as this radioactive metal seeps into your system. Fluoride and harmful waste products in the water supply are sources of … Read More