Nutrition Restored

There is a huge need in the health world to have practitioners who are “evidence-led” rather than “evidence-based”. This means they are testing, innovating, and achieving results. Nutrition Restored is here to help you on improving your health through the knowledge acquired from Dr. Garrett Smith’s practice.


  • Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning

    Specialist (CSCS)

  • Bachelor of Science (BS)

Current Practitioner At

​Naturopathic Medicine of Southern Arizona
1636 N Swan Rd #102, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA
+1 520-577-6888

​Dr. Garrett has been in the medical practice for over 10 years.  Prior to that, he worked in the fitness industry training high-end athletes for 12 years.  His passion for nutrition stemmed from his work in the fitness field, finding the crucial aspects of nutrition within athletic performance.

Why is nutrition so important?

Nutrition is what we are made of.  Without nutrients, your body would not be able to live.  Without proper nutrients, your body isn’t able to function optimally.  They perform so many crucial physiological processes that are necessary for health and well-being.

Mineral deficiencies are rampant today.  This is due to the poor quality food which most are consuming.  It is well established that the mineral composition of soil has been on a downward spiral since the early 1900s.  

Toxicities of all sorts are causing people additional health problem from a plethora of sources, from the air we breathe to the inorganic food we eat.  Toxic minerals do exactly the opposite of what essential minerals do. 

Thus, the soundest approach to fixing health issues, is to:

a) give the body what it needs (nutrition)
b) get rid of what the body doesn’t want (toxicities)
c) get the hell out of the way (don’t do weird health fads)

Dr. Smith at Nutrition Restored offers solutions to what your body needs in order to achieve your optimal health.  The results of specialty in hair testing have been inspiring, as you can see in a few of his clients’ testimonials

Nutrition Restored covers the main areas of Dr. Smith’s expertise, and others as they relate to them.  These include:

– Hair Testing  (HTMA)
– Nutrients
– Food
– Fitness

Evidence-led Health

The doc speaks:

“In my approach with clients, my only concern is results.  While other practitioners may insist on a stiff approach (either their program works or they basically “fire” the person), focusing on one main way to get better, I don’t work like that.  Through using lab testing (hair and/or blood tests), we get a look inside a person’s mineral metabolisms.  By finding out what has helped or worsened a person’s condition in the past, we gain further insight into how that person’s body works.  I’m not interested in proving pet theories correct or assuming that everyone’s problems stem from one thing – we all know practitioners out there spouting these one-size-fits-all approach.  I’m only interested in people feeling better.

Human health, given this system that us “civilized folk” are living in today, has become quite complicated.  By using the research that is out there, knowing about the deficiencies we’ve created in the food, the toxicities we are exposed to by choice or otherwise, and observing how one reacts to various things, we can come up with “evidence-led” (evidence-based will be at least 10 years behind) approaches that work for the person.  When these things don’t work for someone, we continue looking for what WILL work. Giving up on a client is not an option.  My original website was “”, based on the docere tenet of Naturopathic Medicine. My goal is to help people get better while also teaching them how to help themselves stay better. I really consider myself a teacher (of health and nutrition) at heart.”