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Copper Zinc

The Dance of Zinc (Deficiency) & Copper (Toxicity) in Your Body

Zinc is an absolutely CRITICAL nutrient to all detoxification processes, whether the other health goo-roos know it or not.  Fixing copper toxicity is very important too! — SUMMARY:  Zinc (proper amounts, avoiding both deficiency and excess) and copper (less of … Read More

Problem with Deodorant

The Problem With Deodorant

The use of deodorant poses many problems, starting with it being a simple band aid for body odor when body odor can be pinpointed to a mineral deficiency(s), toxicity, or symptom of ill health. Furthermore, many deodorants are filled with … Read More

potassium iodide thyroid

How Potassium Iodide Destroys Your Thyroid

Lugol’s, Iodoral, SSKI, and under many other names… high-dose POTASSIUM IODIDE ruins thyroids, and this is well documented in the literature. I am NOT saying iodINE is bad, I am saying that POTASSIUM IODIDE IS BAD.  See for yourself below.  … Read More

fish mercury brain

Fish Isn’t That Good for The Brain

You may have been told that fish is one of the best foods for the brain. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth as fish is often riddled with potent neurotoxins – regardless of where it is sourced. … Read More