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Nightshades Series 2 of 5: High Nicotine Foods

In our introductory article of the nightshade/Solanaceae story, I covered some of the history, animal testing, and Black Box reports of “cooperators” who strictly avoid nightshade consumption and by doing so have found extremely positive results with their arthritis and musculoskeletal pain relief (among other things). I’m sure many folks (Mexican and Italian food lovers everywhere) […]

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Nightshades Series 1 of 5: An Introduction

Arthritis. Nobody wants it. Everybody seems to be getting it, from the elderly to even teenagers these days. What if it were caused by particular foods that people are eating—especially foods that “health seekers” believe in—and these foods were the major culprits behind joint degeneration (and possibly a factor in multitudes of diseases linked to […]

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Uranium(-238) in municipal water supplies and on hair mineral analysis

Originally posted here: Adventures in hair mineral analysis…if you live in Tucson, you’ve probably got a uranium-238 issue. Pretty much every person I’ve tested from Tucson shows elevated uranium on a hair mineral test. This is testing for the U-238 isotope, the more “naturally occurring” one, not the nuclear reactor types U-234 and U-235. […]

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