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birth control migraines

Birth Control Causes Migraines

Before reading the quote below, it should be known that oral contraceptive pills (OCP), also known as birth control pills (BCP), are well-known in the scientific literature to RAISE “vitamin” A in the bloodstream. Here’s a PubMed search of “contraceptive … Read More

birth control vitamin A toxicity

Birth Control Worsens Vitamin A Toxicity

Birth control pills and hormonal IUDs cause MANY specific nutrient deficiencies while increasing blood levels of toxic “vitamin” A.  For many women, “the pill” is the real and most obvious starting point of their downhill health slide.  The copper IUD … Read More

Bill Gates vitamin A

Bill Gates Funds Vitamin Linked to Infertility

Bill Gates has developed an odd interest with a so-called vitamin that isn’t really a vitamin at all.  The billionaire philanthropist has been outspoken about his desires to curtail the global population via medicine. Gates has appeared on Ted Talks … Read More