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Orange/yellow skin (carotenodermia) is a sign the liver is already toxic with Poison/"Vitamin A"

This study shows, via the gold standard liver biopsy approach of assessing Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity, that one's skin starts turning orange/yellow from excessive carotenoid accumulation around the time when the liver reaches science/medicine's cutoff point for Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity.

To be clear, >1 μmol retinol equivalents/g liver below means that these children have gold-standard-liver-biopsy-diagnosed Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity.

Hypercarotenodermia in Zambia: which children turned orange during mango season?

The addition of preformed VA to otherwise adequate diets in VA may cause excessive total body stores. Monitoring population status will require accurate VA assessment to ensure that hypervitaminosis does not prevail. This perspective describes a cohort of rural Zambian children who have adequate diets in VA, mostly as provitamin A carotenoids; who were given high-dose VA supplements till the age of 5 years; who have access to VA-fortified sugar; and whose mothers had access to VA-fortified sugar throughout pregnancy and lactation. Many of these children turned orange during mango season, and this phenomenon occurred at estimated liver reserve concentrations >1 μmol retinol equivalents/g liver. It will be necessary to continue to monitor VA status, including all sectors of the population that have access to successful interventions, to optimize health with the intent to lower retinol content of fortified foods or better target VA supplementation to areas of most need.

Note how they "estimated" that the children started turning orange around the same level as liver Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity is said to begin.

What is probably happening?  The liver becomes full of retinol/retinyl esters, from a combination of :

  • "adequate diets in VA" (WAIT.  If their diets are adequate, WHY are any of the other things being done?)
  • "were given high-dose VA supplements till the age of 5 years" (are they trying to poison these kids?)
  • "have access to VA-fortified sugar" (yep, trying to poison them)
  • "whose mothers had access to VA-fortified sugar throughout pregnancy and lactation" (yep yep, definitely trying to poison them from the start!)

The results of the study show that the poisoning (intentional or not) was definitely accomplished.

Why does the skin start changing color from the introduction of a lot of mangos?  Because the liver is FULL and it doesn't want any more retinol/retinyl, it stops doing problematic things like cutting 1 beta-carotene into 2 retinols, and instead starts storing the whole carotenoids wherever it major place they are stored is the skin.  Seems pretty simple.

If you have EVER been orange or yellow from carotenoids, I can practically guarantee you that your health issues are from Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity.  Just because your skin may not be orange/yellow any longer, doesn't mean that your liver isn't still overflowing with Poison/"Vitamin A".

If you're currently orange/yellow on any part of your body, then you have a LONG way to go.  First, the body gets rid of the carotenoids, and then later moves into getting rid of the Poison/"Vitamin A" from the liver and other tissues.

The sooner you start working on the Poison/"Vitamin A" and Glyphosate Detox Program, the sooner you can start working on getting rid of this root source of health issues.

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Like an idiot, I took cod liver oil while pregnant with my son.  When he was born, we had to stay in the hospital for 5 days because his bilirubin would not go down.  He was so orange for a long time.   He also developed cradle cap, had a rash on his face and reflux.  I continued to take CLO for a couple of years after (while breast feeding).  Of course, had I known, I would not have taken it!  The things I did to try to make him healthy and only to find out I was doing the opposite.  Thank you so much, Dr. Smith, for researching.  We are thankful for you!

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