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Poison Vitamin A Detox Program and B.A.D.-A.G. -Protocol

The complete and all time up to date online Vitamin A Detox program.


Poison/"Vitamin A" and Glyphosate Detox Program - The B.A.D.-A.G. Protocol


The complete and always up-to-date Vitamin A Detox program. The online Vitamin A Detox program is constantly updated with the latest knowledge and results. Exclusive video content complete the program to lead you step by step to success. This program contains the Private Forum for exchange of experiences with other participants and to support each other, before, during and after the Vitamin A Detox program.

  • This program is web-based, online only. It is only accessible through this site.
  • There is no “hardcopy” version. There is no download version.
  • It is not an “e-book”, and it is not printable.



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The B.A.D. A.G Protocol

The Online Vitamin A Detox Program, Now Available

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