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Obesity / overweight

People almost everywhere are getting fatter as time goes on, of this there is no doubt.  The glyphosate/Roundup problem is getting worse (and even if places are banning it, what was put in the environment is still out there), and as that gets worse, it is aggravating/exacerbating Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity.

Turns out, size 14 is no longer the average size for an American woman.

American women have long been told the average size is a 14. Hopefully, all that will change because a new study published in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education reveals that the average size of American women is now 16 to 18.

The study sampled the waist sizes of more than 5,500 women and found that over the past 21 years, the average woman gained 2.6 inches around the waist, from 34.9 inches to 37.5 inches.

I bolded that last part because it is important.  Glyphosate/Roundup-Ready crops (soy in particular) came out in 1996, and about the same time people were conned into believing soy was some sort of "health food".  It isn't.  It is 2019 as I write this, so 23 years later.  The timing of this "fattening" of the population is no coincidence.  It takes time for the glyphosate/Roundup to build in people, and as that happens, the Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity builds in people, and the whole while they get fatter.

On to the direct evidence.  Obese mice showed high Poison/"Vitamin A":

Obesity Leads to Tissue, but not Serum Vitamin A Deficiency

However, obese mice exhibit elevated serum VA [Vitamin A].

Obese and/or diabetic humans also show higher Poison/"Vitamin A" markers:

Serum Retinol-Binding Protein Is More Highly Expressed in Visceral than in Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue and Is a Marker of Intra-abdominal Fat Mass

Levels of serum retinol-binding protein (RBP4), secreted by fat and liver cells, are increased in obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D).

If levels of serum RBP are elevated, this implies an excess of Poison/"Vitamin A" retinol is around.  The body does NOT make RBP unless there is retinol to bind to it!

More Poison/"Vitamin A" = fatter MEN.

More Poison/"Vitamin A" = fatter WOMEN.

If you haven't read Grant Genereux's blog post on the significant correlation between obesity and blood levels of Poison/"Vitamin A", you should.

Because I truly believe in the wisdom of the body, and the body does the best it can with the situations it is put in, I believe that the creation of excess bodyfat is one method the body uses as a DEFENSE against Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity. Creating more bodyfat helps PROTECT the body in two ways from this toxic onslaught:

  1. Poison/"Vitamin A" is fat-soluble.  If a poison/toxin is diluted, it becomes less damaging ("less toxic per unit of bodyfat").
  2. Two of the major tissues that can make Retinol Binding Protein (your main defense against Poison/"Vitamin A") are the liver and the if the liver can't handle the job by itself any longer, then the body starts making more bodyfat to help with RBP production.

In an amazing coincidence, fatty liver (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, NAFLD) is also associated with Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity. Even the poor liver starts creating more fat as a further defense mechanism!

Below are some other connections here for you that relate health issues associated with obesity to this epidemic poisoning:

The relationship between Poison/"Vitamin A" and all types of thyroid issues.

The relationship between Poison/"Vitamin A" and metabolic syndrome.

The mystery of why the "civilized world" keeps getting fatter and fatter is not a mystery any longer.  The culprit has been found, no need for red herring scapegoats any longer.  It's all right there in the research.


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