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Metabolic syndrome, aka "Syndrome X", aka pre-diabetes

Retinol-binding protein (RBP) is often used as a surrogate measurement for retinol, as the body only wants retinol floating around in the system when it is bound to an RBP.  Therefore, high RBP levels absolutely imply high Poison/"Vitamin A" levels.

Elevated Retinol-Binding Protein 4 Levels Are Associated with Metabolic Syndrome in Chinese People

Context: High retinol-binding protein 4 (RBP4) is thought to be associated with insulin resistance in humans. However, evidence from large-scale populations about the relationship between RBP4 and metabolic diseases is scarce.

Conclusions: This first large-scale population study shows that elevated RBP4 levels are strongly and independently associated with MetS. Prospective studies are needed to establish the role of RBP4 in the development of MetS and related diseases.

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