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Miscarriage related to high "natural Vitamin A" diet?

Hi Doc,
Wow, you have been a wealth of information lately - I've been doing my best to keep up on your social media/new "blog" updates & my head is spinning!  You know I'm always like, "Okay, I'll give this a try & we'll see how it goes" & this time I can't help but connect so many dots of our family's health issues to the Vit A connection.  Remember how things were going so much better for me for awhile & then I started kind of floundering in not feeling good - I looked back & that is the time when I switched to the Vit A caps.  Anyways, tons of detox on my end & just doing my best to keep my head above water with the suggestions you gave me.  I'm glad you tipped me off that the detox phase was 3ish plus months instead of a few weeks!  After all the birth control pills, Depo shot, A vitamins - holy cow, it's like this might be the missing piece as to why I'm still feeling lousy. 

Here's something interesting I was thinking of that probably won't surprise you:  After my second girl was born, I went vegan and then WAPF to try to recover from that (about that time I started looking at 180degreehealth).  We decided to get pregnant again & I was doing fermented cod liver oil, kombucha, etc.  It usually takes me only a couple of months to get pregnant, but this time it took a little longer & when I did get pregnant, I miscarried shortly after.  I absolutely knew something was off with the "supplement" side of things, so I stopped all that and got pregnant right away & everything went well enough.  But I am positive the high Vit A/D-whatever thing I was doing was the source of my miscarriage.  I know all 3 of our girls are needing a good Vit A cleaning right now, so hopefully that is working.UPDATE: Also, as an addendum to my note about my last pregnancy after taking the FCLO - I did hemorrhage after giving birth. Not enough to need a transfusion, but enough to cause concern & be imperative that I was in the hospital.

See the thread on cod liver oil and postpartum hemorrhage for more on that last connection.

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