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Excess Poison/"Vitamin A" causes infertility in men

In other posts, I have shown the drastically negative effects of Poison/"Vitamin A" on both the Sertoli cells (sperm) and the Leydig cells (testosterone) in the testicles.

I'm here saying that chronic insidious Vitamin A toxicity is an epidemic worldwide, and if that is true...if Poison/"Vitamin A" destroys male-factor fertility, then we would expect to see an epidemic of increasing male infertility, right?  Here's a 2017 Guardian article:  The infertility crisis is beyond doubt. Now scientists must find the cause - News last week that sperm counts in western men have halved confirmed what experts already knew. The real problem is that no one knows why.  Seems like it might be happening, right? (/sarcasm)

You must understand only one thing from the study below.  "Inhibiting Vitamin A metabolism" simply means slowing or stopping the normal breakdown process of Poison/"Vitamin A"...thus increasing it in the system over time.  This would ABSOLUTELY "work" to cause infertility, but not in any way you would want for the long-term poisoning it would create!

Inhibiting Vitamin A Metabolism As An Approach To Male Contraception

 Because very little published information regarding vitamin A activity in the human testis is available, this review discusses the spermatogenic process and the testicular activity of vitamin A in rodents, but will link this information back to humans and how manipulating vitamin A activity could lead to the development of a male contraceptive.

Another post of mine showing the damage to the Sertoli (sperm-producing) cells from Poison/"Vitamin A"


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