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Damage to the Sertoli (sperm-producing) cells from Poison/"Vitamin A"

All-trans retinoic acid induces free radical generation and modulate antioxidant enzyme activities in rat sertoli cells.

In this work we investigated the effects of retinoic acid (RA) in Sertoli cells. Sertoli cells isolated from 15-day-old Wistar rats were previously cultured for 48 h and then treated with RA for 24 h. RA at high doses (1-10 microM) increased TBARS levels and induced a decrease in cell viability. At low doses (0.1-100 nM) RA did not increase TBARS level. RA also did not increase cell death at these doses. In order to investigate changes in antioxidant defenses we measured the CAT, SOD and GPx activities in Sertoli cells treated with RA. Compared to control, RA increased around 200% SOD activity in all doses tested (0.1-100 nM); GPx activity was increased 407.49, 208.98 and 243.88% (0.1, 1 and 10 nM, respectively); CAT activity was increased 127% with RA 1 nM. To clarify if RA induces ROS production per se, we performed experiments in vitro using 2-deoxyribose as specific substrate of oxidative degradation by *OH radical as well as TRAP assay. RA at 10 microM increased 2-deoxyribose degradation, suggesting that some of the RA-induced effects are mediated via *OH formation. Furthermore, the total reactive antioxidant potential (TRAP) of the RA was determined. At low concentrations RA has induced no redox activity. Conversely, higher concentration of RA (1-10 microM) increased chemiluminescence. The chemiluminescence produced was directly proportional to radical generation. We provide, for the first time, evidence for a free radical generation by RA. Our results demonstrated that RA plays an important role in Sertoli cells and these effects appear to be mediated by ROS. [reactive oxygen species, a type of free radical]

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