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Even pet reptiles are toxic with Poison/"Vitamin A"!

I'll cover some important parts below.  If you have reptiles, then you may want to read this so you can do your part to stop poisoning them based in incorrect dietary advice and/or improperly formulated foods.

Hypervitaminosis A in Reptiles

Wait for it...they're about to tell you which types of reptiles get poisoned, and HOW it happens:

Herbivorous reptiles typically do not experience vitamin A deficiency
Vitamin A toxicity from dietary intake is unlikely to occur in herbivorous reptiles. For omnivorous or carnivorous reptiles, a diet including liver can cause dietary hypervitaminosis.

Here it is again, they are poisoning these animals and the history always gives it away:

History and clinical findings are extremely important for diagnosing hypervitaminosis A, especially if vitamin A was administered weeks or months before you examine the animal.1-3 The history should provide information about the patient’s dietary intake of vitamin A (such as raw liver).2

How is it fixed then?

Unfortunately, prior administration of vitamin A cannot be reversed.2 Therefore, the treatment of hypervitaminosis A is typically supportive and includes prevention of secondary skin infections (Figures 3 and 4). Decreasing and potentially discontinuing vitamin A intake/usage are important.2,3,6,7

How long will it take to detox the animal (this is very similar for humans!):

The prognosis for patients with hypervitaminosis A depends on the extent of skin lesions, amount and form of vitamin A given, clinical signs, prior health of the animal, chronicity of the disease, and aggressiveness of treatment.1-4

What conclusions can we then draw?


It is easy to oversupplement reptiles with vitamin A. 

How do we fix it?  We do it through the Poison/"Vitamin A" and Glyphosate Detox Program.

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