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Don't fool yourself...all Poison/"Vitamin A" sources, natural and synthetic, eventually turn into retinoic acid

This post is meant to show that no matter what source of Poison/"Vitamin A" you put into your body, natural or synthetic, it all ends up in the same BAD place eventually...retinoic acids.  To wit:


are degraded to

Retinol or retinal or various forms of retinyl esters

are degraded to 

Various forms of retinoic acid (the WORST stuff)

This is all over the literature.  People who should be smart enough to realize this, continue to push the idea that "natural Vitamin A" is healthy and innocent, and only "synthetic Vitamin A" and "Vitamin A supplements" are bad.  They simply can't begin to believe they were wrong (I was one of them, now I'm most obviously not).

It is just not true, and the "Appeal to Nature" fallacy is acting very strongly here.  Let me present the evidence.

Oxidative Conversion of Carotenoids to Retinoids and Other Products

Carotenoids are converted to biologically active products such as abscisic acid, trisporic acid, and retinoic acid in plants, fungi, and animals, respectively. Their formation is mediated by enzymes that catalyze cleavage reactions against specific double bonds of carotenoids.
β-Carotene can be converted to two molecules of retinal by cleavage, specifically at its central double bond, catalyzed by β-carotene-15,15′-dioxygenase. The retinal formed is further metabolized to retinoic acid or retinol.

Vitamin A supplementation increases levels of retinoic acid compounds in human plasma: possible implications for teratogenesis

The concentrations of retinoic acid compounds were monitored by a newly developed highly sensitive HPLC procedure in plasma of six volunteers who received 833 IU vitamin A per kg body weight per day during a 20-day period. There was a significant increase of alltrans-retinoic acid (two-fold), 13-cis-retinoic acid (7-fold) and 13-cis-4-oxoretinoic acid (5-fold) over endogenous plasma levels of these retinoids. The same compounds had previously been found after treatment with the teratogenic drug isotretinoin (Roaccutan, Accutane). Our results raise the possibility that high vitamin A intake may carry a teratogenic risk attributable to increased levels of retinoic acid compounds generated from retinol by metabolic processes.

Any type of Poison/"Vitamin A" you consume, carotenoid or natural or synthetic, is going to eventually end up as the same chemicals as used to give a chemical peel, aka a "controlled wound" when used by aestheticians and dermatologists.  Are you still wondering where your "inflammation" is coming from?

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