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Retinoic acid (Poison/"Vitamin A") is used as a chemical peel to cause "controlled wounds"

Retinoic Acid Peel

Chemical Peels may be defined as “controlled wounds” of the skin made by the dermatologist to multiple purposes. They are classified as superficial, medium, and deep according to the depth of penetration of the chemical solution. The deepest the peelings, the best results and the greatest range of complications. [...] For the last decades, retinoic acid has been used in higher concentrations for superficial peelings as an effective and safe tool for the dermatologist.

So...if retinoic acid applied to the outside of the skin causes a "controlled wound" that can be made DEEPER and with MORE COMPLICATIONS, and we now know that the body can DETOX Poison/"Vitamin A" through the skin and sebaceous glands, does it now make sense that these skin problems may very well be A CHEMICAL PEEL FROM THE INSIDE OUT???  The higher the concentration, the more complications and greater severity of damage.  It's all right there, I'm just putting the pieces together.

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