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A US Veteran with PTSD shares his testimonial

For years I struggled with the effects of combat-related PTSD such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Thank you for providing alternatives to traditional big pharma protocols used by mainstream doctors.  Because of your magnesium protocol, I was able to get off of hard core sleep medications and sleep normally without the prescription dependency I had developed.  When I reached a ‘breaking point’ after being exposed to corporate corruption, I knew I needed to get help for PTSD from Afghanistan.  However, I realized the Veteran Affairs medical community lacked options and relied too heavily on chemical based therapy.  The simple yet effective anxiety protocol you prescribed allowed me to stabilize and function normally as a husband, father, and begin preparing to return to work while on medical leave.  I cannot thank you enough for what a blessing you’ve been to me.

How might Poison/"Vitamin A" be related to PTSD, you wonder?  Remember that the very worst form of Poison/"Vitamin A" in the body is retinoic acid.

A Gene for PTSD? - Researchers have found a gene that can increase or decrease the risk of PTSD.

It turned out that they did, and it wasn’t a gene that Miller and his team were familiar with. They found a statistically significant association with a variant of the retinoic acid orphan receptor A (RORA) gene, which was unfamiliar to them at the time.

“RORA has never been linked to PTSD before to our knowledge,” said Miller, the study’s lead investigator. “But when we read up on it, we found that it had previously been linked to other disorders such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorderautism and depression. In other words, it was a psychiatrically relevant gene.”

One of the major roles of RORA is protecting brain cells from the damaging effect of injury and disease and possibly traumatic brain injuries, Miller told me. He believes RORA produces a protein that helps protect neurons from neurotoxic effects of stress, including oxidative stress. An imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants in a cell, oxidative stress can be caused by physical damage or traumatic stress.

“Our hypothesis is that those who have the RORA risk marker may have a RORA gene that is less capable of mounting a neuroprotective reaction to stress, causing structural damage and functional changes to neurons that RORA should be protecting,” said Miller.

Did you know that there is a theory that all of Gulf War Illness may simply be Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity?

Gulf War Illness: Unifying Hypothesis for a Continuing Health Problem

Could ALL the major issues that vets are having, including a tendency towards being affected by PTSD, be simply related to Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity's effects on their nervous system? The research suggests this is very likely so, and my experience (and the testimonial above) suggests that this can be fixed, through things like the Poison/"Vitamin A" and Glyphosate Detox Program.

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