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What lab tests does Dr. Smith look at? How can I get them done?

Do you want to support the work I'm doing here?  Ordering blood tests (my recommended ones and/or others) through my office is one way to do it!  See below for more information.

My goal as a practitioner is to do as much good work for my clients/patients as possible with the fewest and least invasive tests necessary.  This is what I would want a practitioner to do for me if I were their client/patient, so that's what I do for others.

This list is not all-inclusive of the tests I might request. Upon knowing more about a client's/patient's history, I might request others.  That said, to do my best Nutritional Restoration work, these are the starting points.  I do NOT go by the lab's typical "normal range", I have tighter ranges. This is because we are not after "normal"...all too often, normal in the civilized world is still quite UNHEALTHY.  I have much higher standards for the work I do than simply being "normal" in today's world.

Finally, if you want to get these labs, there are several ways to do it.

One is through self-pay ordered through my office (we use LabCorp, so you would first need to see if there is one close to you).  Many people find this the easiest route to take.  Contact us for pricing and ordering information.
NOTE 1:  Purchasing lab tests a la carte through my office does NOT include interpretation or treatment recommendations of any kind.  We send you the lab results as the lab sends them to us.  If you want an individualized Nutritional Restoration plan from me, we can definitely arrange that!
NOTE 2:  My office does NOT deal with health insurance, TriCare, or Medicare/Medicaid, at all, ever.

Second, you can try to get your own doctor to run these labs so they go through insurance. Maybe you’re lucky and have a great doctor who is willing to run whatever labs you request.  Hey, it does happen!  Otherwise, good luck with that!

Third, if you are in the UK, you can do most of these tests with finger-prick blood tests through .

Without further ado, here are the primary labs I use primarily for my Nutritional Restoration work:

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), most preferably done through Trace Elements Inc.  I have more specific hair preparation instructions than the lab does, and people ordering this test through my office would receive those instructions.
  • Vitamin A, serum (aka Retinol, serum)
  • Copper, serum
  • Zinc, plasma (if one cannot get plasma zinc, then serum zinc is acceptable)
  • Ferritin, serum
  • Iron, serum
  • Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC or IBC), or Transferrin

The following tests are of secondary importance and I consider them "optional":

  • GGT (aka Gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase, Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase, Gamma GT, GTP)
  • Complete Blood Count with differential with platelets aka CBC
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) aka “liver and kidney tests”
  • Ceruloplasmin, serum

If there are additional tests that you are personally interested in ordering, simply let Julie know what you are looking to get.

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