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Vitamin A supplement, tons of carrots & sweet potatoes, eggs = Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity

I ate at least 4 eggs every single day for the past 10 years. Took Vitamin A for over 3 years (actually felt worse and acne got worse in that time). I quit both of these a few months ago and started feeling a bit better. I also ate pounds of sweet potatoes and carrots for over a decade as well. I remember distinctly turning orange in my face and palms and skin at the start of my sickness, and people commenting on it. So maybe for me there is something to this...I seem to do things so rigidly and radical for years to try and improve, only to find out a few years later I was doing and consuming a bunch of things only adding to the worsening of all my symptoms.
Makes total sense. I had a friend in the last year go vegan and they felt absolutely AWFUL. Lost a ton of weight (they were already so thin) and added a ton of new symptoms to her already bad health. She was eating LOADS of foods loaded in Vitamin A and getting so much carotenoids through spinach, kale, leafy greens, etc. She is steadily declining but can’t pull away from the almost cult-like nature of veganISm (I can relate as I tried it for a couple month stint years ago and it was brutal).

I have another friend who has been sick with  similar issues as me for almost 10 years as well and has been doing the “carnivore diet” for 9 months and this is the first time he is actually seeing massive results. His whole appearance just looks difference and for the first time in 12 years he feels hope. Maybe it’s because he is fasting 18 hours or so every day as well as he only eats two meals-one at 2 pm and finishes eating by 8 pm or so. 98% of his “diet” consists of just beef and a little salt and water during the day.

Now I don’t think this extreme is good long term either, but I could see how doing this for a year might help someone with his past. He too ate LOADS of spinach, greens, sweet potatoes for YEARS eating paleo and that’s when all his issues started.

NOTE:  The all-fatty-beef, salt, and water version of the Carnivore Diet is absolutely a SUPER-LOW Poison/"Vitamin A" diet.  That is why it gives the results it does.  I do think it is still lacking, but in terms of not in-toxing Poison/"Vitamin A" and healing health problems, the results stand on their own.  The folks who are eating liver and eggs and other things on that approach will NOT get the results they want, sadly.

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