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US Gov't filed a patent for "Therapy for retinoid pathogenesis" in 1984!?!?

So the Department of Health and Human Services filed this patent in 1984:

Therapy for retinoid pathogenesis

Current Assignee: US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

The present invention discloses a pharmaceutical composition and a method of treating retinoid induced pathogenesis. The pathological effect of retinoid is ameliorated by a suitable dose of a rescuing agent selected from the group consisting of choline chloride, methionine, betaine, biotin and inositol, the rescuing agent having the property of preventing formation of fatty liver.

So, do I think that this very typical "lipotropic" nutritional supplement combo is going to prevent Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity?  No.  No, I don't.

First, it should be noted that the very components of the "rescuing agent(s)" are associated with helping to prevent the formation of FATTY LIVER, which is mainly caused by Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity.  These two conditions are intimately connected.

Next, they were going to give these mice a dose of Poison/"Vitamin A" that WAS EXPECTED TO KILL THEM.  You can kill animals (and people) with it, and we have seen this in the human studies on beta-carotene and Retin-A (tretinoin) where REAL PEOPLE DIED.

In the experiments described hereunder mice (C57 BL/6J-males) were used. A toxic dose of 13-trans retinoic acid, 500 mg/kg, was administered by an intraperitoneal injection of the suspension of the acid in physiological saline. This one time dose has several pathological effects in mice as described by Bolag, supra, and results in death of nearly all of the animals. Mice injected with retinoic acid were thereafter divided into the following groups: (a) control animals which received tap water to drink; (b) treated groups which, in place of tap water, were supplied with solutions of various rescuing agents in tap water.

A further look at the graphs (click the little thumbnail image to see them) showed that this combination simply prevented FEWER of the mice that got it from dying AS SOON as the mice that didn't get it, but that some mice in all the groups were STILL DYING.

Let me summarize the graphs:

Figure 1:

  • At day 17, all 7 mice in the control group (poisoned but not given supplement) were DEAD.   This was expected, see above.
  • At day 17, 2 of the 7 mice in the methionine-supplemented group were DEAD.  This was the "best" group.
  • At day 17, 4 of the 7 mice in ALL 3 of the other groups (betaine, choline, biotin) were DEAD.

Figure 2:

  • At day 14, all 6 mice in the control group (poisoned and NOT given supplement) were DEAD.
  • At day 14, 1 of the 6 mice in the myo-inositol + choline + biotin-supplemented group were DEAD.  This was the "best" group. One mouse died in the first 4 days.
  • At day 17 (a couple more days on), 4 of the 6 mice in the myo-inositol group were DEAD.

The key thing here to take away is that there can be many things that might help one NOT DIE from being poisoned from a ONE-TIME toxic dose.  This is a drastically different scenario than one being poisoned over a lifetime and trying to recover.  These mice were still dying in significant numbers!

Different people may be able to use some of these compounds (all together, they aren't really suitable for anyone based on methylation patterns, too long to explain here), but all of the compounds together won't be quite right for any one individual.  I don't really plan on incorporating them more than I do with the diet approach that I suggest in the Poison/"Vitamin A" and Glyphosate Detox Program already.

Isn't it interesting how the government knew about this in 1984 and was trying to figure out a solution?  Where did all their interest in it go, exactly?


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