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Deciphering the bias, incompetence, fear of speaking the truth, and potential conspiracy around the mass poisoning done with Vitamin A

There are many connections that should give any thinking person great pause on how/why this poisoning was allowed/encouraged to happen.

First, major pharmaceutical companies were always behind the funding of the early research on Poison/"Vitamin A".  Vitamins are actually behind the RISE of pharmaceutical companies to a great extent!

Chemical & Engineering News - Vitamins
"Vitamins also played a big role in the rise of drug companies like Switzerland's F. Hoffmann-La Roche and Germany's E. Merck."

Let us first establish that six of the biggest pharmaceutical companies (who also make MOST of the raw materials used in nutritional supplements, most importantly making the vitamins & minerals used in FORTIFIED foods) have been caught price-fixing vitamins before (and given the LARGEST CRIMINAL FINE EVER, so this isn't small potatoes), so we have an established GIGANTIC profit motive to get everyone taking this stuff:


Roche and the global price fixing cartel - Vitamins and other chemicals

Vitamin Producers Fined $752 Million
"The European Commission fined eight vitamin producers a total of just over 855 million euros ($752 million) today for involvement in a number of cartels that fixed prices and market shares of vitamin products in the 1990's.

Hoffmann-La Roche of Switzerland was singled out as the ringleader and ordered to pay 462 million euros ($406 million), by far the biggest fine the European Union's competition authority has ever levied against a single company. BASF of Germany, which was also found to have helped coordinate the cartels, was fined 296 million euros ($260 million).

Both companies have also been fined by United States and Canadian agencies in connection with the same activities.

''This is the most damaging series of cartels the commission has ever investigated,'' said Mario Monti, the union's competition commissioner. ''The companies' collusive behavior enabled them to charge higher prices, allowing them to pocket illicit profits. It is particularly unacceptable that this behavior concerned substances which are vital elements for nutrition essential for normal growth and maintenance of life.''

Roche said in a statement that it had set up a training program for its staff ''to reinforce its commitment to conducting business in full compliance with all local and international laws.'' It also said that a team in its internal auditing department would make sure the company complied with antitrust rules.

Roche and BASF were found to have been involved in all 12 separate cartels. Investigators said Takeda Chemical Industries of Japan and Merck of Germany joined them in rigging the market for vitamin C for human consumption; Rhône-Poulenc of France, now part of Aventis, joined them in the markets for vitamins A and E used in animal feed and vitamin D3.

Daiichi Pharmaceutical of Japan took part in the fixing of the markets for vitamins B5 and B6, while another Japanese company, Eisai, colluded on vitamin E. Solvay Pharmaceuticals of Holland took part in the vitamin D3 cartel, the commission said. All were fined.

Other vitamins involved were B1, B2, biotin (H), folic acid (M), beta carotene and carotenoids.

After Roche and BASF, the fines ranged from just over 37 million euros ($33 million) down to 5 million euros ($4.4 million). Aventis was exempted from fines for its involvement in the vitamin A and E cartels because it was the first company to cooperate with the investigation in those markets, the commission said, but it was fined for participating in the vitamin D3 cartel.

Mr. Monti said the immunity for Aventis on the A and E vitamin cartels was a first. ''It illustrates the commission's willingness to grant companies that actively cooperate at the earliest stage a unique opportunity to get off the hook,'' he said.

Roche's fine is equivalent to 2.6 percent of the company's total sales last year. The commission may levy fines up to 10 percent of a company's sales in the most recent full year, but Roche and the other cartel participants avoided the harshest fines by cooperating with the investigations, the commission said in its statement.

Five more companies were involved in the cartels but not fined, because their involvement ended five years or more before the commission opened its investigations. They were identified as Lonza of Germany and four Japanese companies: Kongo Chemical, Sumitomo Chemical, Sumika Fine Chemicals and Tanabe Saiyaku."

Seems pretty pervasive to me!

Notice the names of the suppliers of materials on this 1937 study (will be attaching the PDF later, this is an important paper that also discusses the protective effects of ascorbic acid aka Vitamin C as protective against the deadly effects of Poison/"Vitamin A"):

Concerning the Toxicity of Vitamin A
"received through the courtesy of the Eli Lilly Company, and crystalline vitamin synthesized and furnished us through the kindness of Merck and Company."

Hoffman La-Roche has always deeply intertwined in all of this (note "ringleader" term in article above).

Here is the information I received from someone more knowledgeable in the history of this than I, as I find the links to back these statements, I will add them:
"HR [Hoffman La-Roche] was first given the patent for the synthetic manufactured VA, back in the mid 1930s, and they fund the early research.

[Harry Holmes and Ruth Corbet isolated and crystallized vitamin A in 1937. I don't have the whole PDF to look for the sponsor. In terms of Roche's patents on Vitamin A related compounds: search results for Hoffman La-Roche patents for "Vitamin A", search results for Hoffman La-Roche patents for "retinoic", search results for Hoffman La-Roche patents for "retinoid".  Have fun combing through those, there are a lot of them!]

They fund the Harvard research in the 1960s,

[From the Roche website itself, screenshot attached:  "Streamlining and improving production - Vitamin output increases and new production locations strengthen Roche’s position as one of the main producers of vitamins. To avoid a strong dependency on vitamins, Roche intensifies pharmaceutical research. Between the early 1950s and mid-1960s pharmaceutical research is extremely diverse, with a portfolio of pharmaceuticals ranging from antidepressants and antimicrobials to agents for cancer chemotherapy."]

and later get a patent on 13 Cis-RA,

[Hoffman La-Roche patent for 13-cis retinoic acid in 1982]

they then start selling RA as a chemo drug in the 1960s and 70s.

[Yes, a synthetic form of Poison/"Vitamin A" has been used as CHEMOTHERAPY.  It's called Accutane, it is 13-cis retinoic acid, maybe you've heard of it or taken it? See Roche's own statement about chemotherapy research and vitamin production in the 1960s above]

They've poisoned thousands of teenagers to death with Accutane, and somehow completely get away with it.

[From CBS News: Acne Drug Accutane's Side Effect Is Death. So Why Is It Still on the Market?]

HR funds Sommer’s Vitamin A Deficiency textbook.

[No luck finding this connection yet.]

They are also one of the primary suppliers of the VA capsules distributed by the WHO in over 100 countries.

Effect of vitamin A supplementation on cause-specific mortality in women of reproductive age in Ghana: a secondary analysis from the ObaapaVitA trial
"Vitamin A palmitate for the capsules was kindly donated by Roche."

Vitamin A supplementation every 6 months with retinol in 1 million pre-school children in north India: DEVTA, a cluster-randomised trial
"Funding was received from USAID OMNI project, World Bank, and UK Medical Research Council (via CTSU). Albendazole (Zentel) was donated by SmithKlineBeecham (now GlaxoSmithKline), and vitamin A by Hoffman-La Roche via the Sight and Life Program."

These are of course the same guys selling Accutane worldwide under various brandnames. They also sell a ton of drugs for auto immune diseases. They are most certainly no corporate “good guy” either."

[will find these later]


1) F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

Type of Crime: Antitrust

Criminal Fine: $500 million

12 Corporate Crime Reporter 21(1), May 24, 1999

The Swiss pharmaceutical giant, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., pled guilty and agreed to pay a record $500 million criminal fine for leading a worldwide conspiracy to raise and fix prices and allocate market shares for certain vitamins sold in the United States and elsewhere.

In Dallas, the Department of Justice charged the company with conspiring to fix, raise, and maintain prices, and allocate the sales volumes of vitamins sold by them and other unnamed co-conspirator companies in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Federal officials also allege that the company allocated contracts for vitamin premixes for customers throughout the U.S. and rigged the bids for those contracts.

The conspiracy lasted from January 1990 into February 1999 and affected the vitamins most commonly used as nutritional supplements or to enrich human food and animal feed -- vitamins A, B 2, B5, C, E, and Beta Carotene.

Vitamin premixes, which are used to enrich breakfast cereals and numerous other processed foods were also affected by the conspiracy, the Department said. (edited)

But, the clincher for me is that when a doctor in small Yarumal, a village in N. Colombia, starts investigating the extraordinary high rate of Alzheimer's there. Who quickly jumps in with a cool $100 MILLION dollars to research the “genetic mutation” connection?  But, it just so happens that the two staple foods in Yarumal are beef liver and sweet potatoes.

[See below for the Roche and government research connections to this $100 million dollar allocation. I cannot find anything to connect Yarumal to eating liver and sweet potatoes (it may be true and I couldn't find it), and I believe I found another plausible connection to the genetics and Poison/"Vitamin A".]

So, how does the small-town Doc, Francisco Lopera, with no background in genetics end up getting a $100 MILLION dollar research budget? Obviously, it would just be extremely bad for HR’s vA product lines if we found out the truth. Don't you just kinda think that the top world experts in VA probably didn't figure this one out? But, the NIH was part of that $100 MILLION funding too; it was not solely from HR.
"The trials are part of a US$100 million (RM350 million) project financed by the National Institutes of Health and Banner Research Institute in the United States, as well as Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche."

There is more to this Alzheimer's and Poison/"Vitamin A" connection.  I will add it as I get it.  Here are some of the papers connecting Presenilin-1 (PS1 aka E280A, the genes they are studying) to Poison/"Vitamin A":

The fact that Poison/"Vitamin A" is being thoroughly studied as a "treatment" for Alzheimer's, once you understand the Duration Paradox rule presented in another thread here, you will then begin to understand that Poison/"Vitamin A" is the deeper cause of Alzheimer's:
"Putting the genetic data and the historical records together, the assumption that the mutation was introduced by one Spanish conquistador is very likely,” says Rita Guerreiro, a geneticist at University College London. “I think it is fair to conclude from this study that the history of Yarumal and the history of E280A are one and the same."

E280A is related to Presinilin-1, also known as PS1.  Poison/"Vitamin A" compounds are being studied to supposedly "treat" Alzheimer's.  This is absolutely connected to Poison/"Vitamin A".

The origin of Hoffman La Roche is rather interesting. When it became clear that Germany was likely to lose of the ground war in WWII I.G. Farben moved some of their more choice assets into a new company setup in neutral Switzerland. That new company was Hoffman La Roche. Of course Switzerland wasn't exactly neutral. The Swiss banks were financing and banking the Nazis. They were also providing the massive vaults to store much of the gold the Nazis had looted form the rest of Europe.

Now today, we have Merck, Lilly, and HR slowly and systematically poisoning the young people of the NATO countries with Vitamin A..... and especially so our young boys.

[See my other thread on Poison/"Vitamin A" destroying the testes/testicles and testosterone levels.]

Is it a giant conspiracy? I don't know. But, it sure could be.

Then, take a guess as to who are the big promoters of the Golden Rice project?

This is Monsanto/Bayer and their GMO Golden Rice.  I will get to this later.

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