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Three big-name deaths, one thing in common...fermented cod liver oil

Please note that all three of these folks were advocates and likely very regular consumers of cod liver oil (unfermented before the fermented type came around), and pushers of the Weston A. Price type of eating (which is very strongly oriented towards excesses of Vitamin A and Vitamin D from food sources)

Dr. Ron Schmid, a fellow ND.  This article was written when he was figuring out the fermented cod liver oil problem.  He was the owner of a company that sells and promotes organ meat supplements, including liver).  Died of heart-related issues.

Rami Nagel, who wrote a book on treating tooth decay naturally.  Died of a rare form of brain cancer, a brain stem glioma.

Weston A. Price Vice President Kim Schuette, died of brain cancer.

If you haven't seen my cod liver oil article yet, now would be a good time.  Cod liver oil is a poison and the research has always said so.


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