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The Ox-Cart Man shows a history of what people used to grow and eat, it was low Poison/"Vitamin A"

This is a book about 19th-century (1800s) rural New England in the United States.  A client of mine sent me pictures of several pages of the book.  Note how the Ox-Cart Man only sold (and therefore, it's also likely what his family ate too, that's how farming works) low Poison/"Vitamin A" foods!

Ox-Cart Man

Ox-Cart Man on Amazon

Ox-Cart Man Image 1

Note:  (always peeled!) potatoes, apples, honey/honeycombs, maple sugar, turnips, and cabbages are all foods very low in Poison/"Vitamin A".  If this is what he sold at the market, what exactly do you think they ate at home?  The same things.  If Poison/"Vitamin A" deficiency was a real thing, and all their main foods were low in Vitamin A (this includes carotenoids), do you think he'd be strong enough to be a farmer?  It's not a vitamin, folks!

For you sugar-phobes seeing ***gasp*** honey and maple sugar (and fruit even!), and you haven't yet realized that diabetes (all types) and metabolic syndrome are CAUSED by Poison/"Vitamin A", and that sugar intake is NOT the cause, please note that humans eating fruit and sugar is not a new thing, and that diabetes has exploded in the last 25 years specifically due to the wicked combination of glyphosate/Roundup (stops the liver's normal breakdown of Poison/"Vitamin A") combined with our drastic increases in consumption of ALL types of Poison/"Vitamin A".

"Eating the rainbow" is a farce that has been sold to us within our lifetime, folks.  It is NOT traditional or historically accurate.

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