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The Outline, aka the systematic deconstruction of Poison/"Vitamin A" lie

This is basically my rough draft of a plan for laying this case out, and the blog-forum will eventually turn into the "format" I have below, so it is easier for people to progress through it in a logical format.

Executive Summary (to be made later)


  1. What is Vitamin A, and what is it proposed to be necessary for
  2. Known, obvious toxicity of Vitamin A
    1. supposed essential nutrients are not that toxic
    2. research showing common diseases associated with elevated Vitamin A
  3. Evidence that Vitamin A is not an essential nutrient
    1. Historical evidence
      1. Grant's breakdown of initial study mistakes
    2. Population based studies (central and Latin America)
    3. Other known truly essential nutrient deficiencies that cause the same issues
  4. Evidence that Vitamin A is not the natural ligand for the improperly named Retinoic Acid Receptor (RXR)
    1. Possibility that the ether-soluble factor was actually DHA and ARA, not Vitamin A
  5. Factors increasing Vitamin A toxicity prevalence and intensity
  6. Factors protective against or aiding in detoxification of Vitamin A
  7. Diets showing health benefits that unintentionally/accidentally are low in Vitamin A
  8. Anecdotal benefits to avoidance/depletion
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