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Testimonial: Thyroid antibodies GONE, hot flashes gone, better breathing, better digestion, and more!

Quick note:  This person is doing the full Nutritional Restoration program with me (hair mineral analysis and blood testing to determine nutrition needs) along with the Vitamin A Detox program.

Hello Dr. Smith,

Here’s an update as I am making exciting progress with the glyphosate/vitamin A detox. As a reminder, I have struggled with finding someone to help me with my Hashimoto Thyroiditis for many years. Please feel free to post as you see fit, in part or whole. 

  • Hot flashes have become such a thing of the past!
  • improves gum health. At wholistic dentist appointment yesterday, after completing my oral exam, the dentist sat back and asked, “what are you doing differently? I have a lot of patients who are always trying to find ways to improve their health.” So of course, I briefly provided information about your discovery and treatment of glyphosate and vitamin A.  (The dentist made sure his hygienist wrote down your name and also Grant’s. I will follow up today with links.)
  • thyroid antibodies are now in normal range. (you can elaborate from my blood test results if you wish)
  • softer skin
  • wake in the mornings being able to breathe fully through nose. (had many years on Claritin and even with that, post nasal drainage, constant clearing of voice and sore throat)
  • digestive system “rumblings” and gas are way, way down
  • eyebrows are coming back and taking longer to groom (Hashimoto took a toll on the last lateral third in recent years)
  • chin hairs are becoming softer 
  • bladder is stronger
  • vaginal atrophy is diminishing 
  • energy level has increased 
  • hot yoga classes are becoming easier even after missing a week. Every class results in further clearing of sinuses to some degree. 
  • recovery from exercise takes much less time
  • eliminated Vit B-6 supplements and sleeping much better
  • This is fully a subjective observation but it seems that my hearing with my cochlear implants has improved in speech understanding and especially with environmental sounds. For example, some sounds that were previously tolerable are now too loud!

I am talking with my adult niece this weekend about your work. She has two diagnosed autoimmune disorders, otosclerosis and newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  She LOVED carrots. (Note the past tense as she has watched a couple of your videos....)

 Dr. Smith, thank you for your continued research and treatment with glyphosate/Vitamin A detox! 

Again, please feel free to use my testimony as needed.

Dr. Garrett Smith, the "Nutrition Detective"
Licensed Naturopathic Physician (NMD) in Arizona, home of the Love Your Liver program
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