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Testimonial: Only 1 month, aches/pains/joint stiffness GONE, bulging joints shrinking!

This testimonial was after only ONE MONTH of Nutritional Restoration (private individualized nutrition/supplement work with me, based on hair mineral analysis and only 6 blood tests) combined with the Poison/"Vitamin A" and Glyphosate Detox Program.  See the "Shop" link for more info on these.

Hi Dr. Garrett.
Been on the Program and your supplement regimen for a month now.
Aches, pains and joint stiffness has all but been eliminated.
Bulging joints with soreness has subsided, maybe even getting smaller.

A lab update at the 3.5 month mark showed that we had reduced this gentleman's ferritin from 196 (much too high for my ranges) down to 64 (within my range), with only ONE blood donation in the process.  The nutrition program (and what he was NOT eating) was doing most of this work!

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