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Testimonial: Light sensitivities & eye grittiness & pulse tinnitus & suspected rosacea GONE, unexplained weight gain resolved, less achey, just feeling better!

This testimonial was received in late January 2019, so this person had been on the Poison/"Vitamin A" and Glyphosate Detox for close to 3 months (the full detox is 6 months, so they are halfway there!).  They are also working with me directly as a Nutritional Restoration client.

Since starting my low vitamin A diet in October 2018 I have seen a number of strange unexplained symptoms resolve. I was suffering from extreme light sensitivity meaning that I couldn't go out on a sunny day without sunglasses & in a restaurant if there was a brightish light in view I'd have to swap seats with my husband or suffer uncomfortable pain. This has gone. I was regularly getting gritty uncomfortable eyes. This has gone. I was suffering from pulse tinnitus at night. This has gone. The skin on my face around my nose was red and I suspected rosacea and this is fading. I was unfairly putting on weight with no explanation despite watching what I eat & exercising. This has gone. I generally feel much better & less achey. 

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