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Testimonial: improved thyroid labs, less thyroid medication, carb sensitivity gone, better omega-3 bloodwork!

I've been on the vitamin a detox program for almost 3 months. By the way, I've tried so many different "health" diets prior to this: anti yeast, primal, low sulfur, low histamine, blood type etc.

Since I got sick 5 years ago I've done a ton of tests on I have a lot to compare to. Started testing my omegas in 2014. Have done maybe 5 tests. Always low omega 3 even when I was taking krill oil, fish oil or eating fish. Well did a follow up test 5 weeks after starting the low vit a diet. Highest omega 3 value I've had so far. I'll send pics of the last and the most recent. Pretty cool!

Other thing is that I've been on nature-throid for a little over 4 years. I monitor it myself bc my natural nurse practitioner is pretty useless. I've been on 3.25 grains for a while. Any time I've tried to cut back a little I couldn't...major symptoms within a day or 2. At about 5 weeks I started feeling like dropping down a little bit. Cut .25 grains and it was no big deal (not a huge drop, but was never able to do it before). What's even better is that about 4 weeks after dropping down on the dose I redid my thyroid labs. T3 and t4 numbers actually improved. My tpo antibodies which are never high dropped quite a bit too. Pretty interesting. I plan on doing many more tests to look for changes and improvements. The labs aren't perfect yet but was pleasantly surprised to see them moving in the right direction.

I also haven't gained any weight (actually may have lost some but weight isn't an issue for me). Surprisingly in the past would have considered myself very carb sensitive. Avoided them completely for over 4 years.

As far as carbs go I was always the type of person who had to avoid them in order to not gain weight. In the past would have considered myself very carb sensitive. Before the vitamin a Detox, I had avoided carbs as much as possible for the last 4 years since they seemed to make me fat overnight. Thinking it was high vit a and high carb combo causing weight gain. I was about 30lbs overweight until I avoided carbs and sugars completely for over 3 years. In that time I got down to normal weight to underweight. Now I'm eating a lot of carbs (rice, potatoes, sourdough bread, organic wheat, oats etc) and I have not gained any weight and actually find that I am fitting into clothes that were a little snug last year. Although weight loss was not one of my goals with doing the vitamin a detox, it's been a nice bonus.

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