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Testimonial: Dog's skin, hair, teeth/breath, anxiety, all better by taking Poison/"Vitamin A" out of the diet!

The epidemic poisoning is not only happening to humans. We are doing it to our animals too (see other posts on the poisoning of lab monkeys and zoo cheetahs)!

One other thing I wanted to mention and I keep forgetting to tell you is that we put our dog on a low VA diet as well.  She seems to be doing the best of all of us so far, but she is quite small.  We used to have her on an expensive food that had many veggies in it.  There was a version I got for her that even had kale and coconut oil and she seemed to do the worst on it.  She is now quite healthy!  She is not as bloated and miserable looking, her eyes have cleared up (I thought she was just getting cataracts due to old age), her coat is shinier, she has less eye tears, the hair around her muzzle has grown back, her teeth look so much whiter, her horrid breath is gone and her anxiety has gone way down.  I always attributed her shaking to just being half chihuahua, but now it seems it was just the VA.  She passes gas more often, but I think that will go away with time.  😉

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Any low Vitamin A dog food suggestions? I have looked and all the kibble labels seem to have either VA veggies, liver, or VA supplemented.