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TAURINE deficiency is the reason for the original "Vitamin A deficiency" diets causing problems!

I will expand on this later.  In short, all of the casein-based "Vitamin A free" diets that were/are fed to animals to induce "Vitamin A deficiency" states--when in REALITY they are causing VITAMIN A TOXICITY are:

  • Still probably high in retinoic acid (will add more evidence later, the casein they feed these animals is yellow/orangish in color)
  • Massively deficient in taurine (necessary to protect the body against Poison/"Vitamin A", particularly the eyes).
  • Quite possibly very deficient in zinc (also necessary to make retinol-binding protein RBP, necessary to protect the eyes and skin).
THE PRODUCTION OF EXPERIMENTAL VITAMIN A DEFICIENCY IN RATS AND MICE (higher casein = more eye problems, less casein = better growth)

Retinal degeneration in cats fed casein (eye problems in cats due to lack of taurine in casein diets)

THE INDISPENSABILITY OF ZINC IN THE NUTRITION OF THE RAT (the importance of zinc to rats was not really known until 1935, when "Vitamin A deficiency" was created falsely in 1912)


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