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Study shows: eat MORE carrots, get WORSE night vision!!!

This could NOT be more clear.  Deny at your own risk.

Carrots, carotene and seeing in the dark.

Should older people eat more carrots, or at least increase their carotene intake to prevent loss of night vision? Participants in the Blue Mountains Eye Study were asked about their ability to see in the dark. Nutrient and food intake were estimated from a food frequency questionnaire. Associations between self-reported poor night vision and estimated nutrient intake were investigated using logistic regression. Poor night vision among women was associated with higher beta-carotene (P for trend = 0.03) and total vitamin A intake (P for trend = 0.048). Increased consumption of carrots, but no other food high in beta-carotene, was associated with significant increased reporting of poor night vision among women (P for trend = 0.04).

No, carotenoids are NOT necessary for vision.  Yes, carotenoids are BAD for your vision.  This includes "natural" sources too!

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