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Start here, read Grant Genereux's 3 e-book tour de force of Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity research.

Being that I was never introduced to even an initial thought of Vitamin A being toxic from:

  1. My nutritional science teachers in undergraduate school
  2. My professors in naturopathic medical school
  3. Those who I learned hair mineral analysis from
  4. Those who I learned the William Walsh Institute approaches from
  5. And anyone else out there who advocated Vitamin A and carotenoids as being positive for health without ANY possible negative issues…

…I will be forever grateful to Grant Genereux for his free-to-access seminal works on Chronic Insidous Vitamin A Toxicity.  His website is here: Ideas, Concepts, and Observations.  His free e-books are available for download from his website, and they are also attached to this post below.  Grant maintains NO copyright on the e-books, as he wants this information to spread as far and as wide as possible.  In addtion to reading his free e-books, I also highly suggest reading his blog, as it expands on the books.

I will also be forever grateful to my friend Matt Stone (my co-author on “Solving the Paleo Equation”) for initially bringing Grant’s work to my attention…first through a FaceBook post (my comments on this thread showed that I was not ready to believe it at that time) and then later through a great blog post.  At that point, I decided that I owed it to myself and my clients to look deeper into this issue. By halfway through Grant’s first book, I realized that another massive poisoning of humanity (the first one being Vitamin D supplementation in all its forms) had been uncovered, and that I had to pivot “180 degrees” and drastically change my entire Vitamin A paradigm.  As an aside, one of my all-time favorite blogs from Matt is this one, “The Catecholamine Honeymoon”.

If one has not read at least one of Grant’s first two books, I would consider that person entirely ignorant in the nature and toxicity of this compound and unworthy of speaking in an educated manner on the topic at all.  Seriously.  This website is intended to expand upon the solid foundation that Grant laid before me. I am simply doing my part while ”standing on the shoulders of giants”.

In terms of detoxing Poison/”Vitamin A”, I have created much more comprehensive approach (with a greatly expanded food list) than what can be found it his books.  It should be noted that Grant and I are regularly in contact over email and Skype, and that he fully endorses the work I am doing (he has full access to my Poison/”Vitamin A” Detox Program and has approved it).  Contact my office for more information.   

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