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Skin hyperpigmentation (dark patches) from excess carotenoid intake and subsequent detox

This happened about a dozen years ago. Our family of 4 had been doing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) because 2 of us (not me) had many traditional signs of Celiac. So we were eating an insane amount of carrots - as mashed carrots with butter mostly. I figured out later that each of us was eating about a pound of them at a meal! Every day! Anyway, I became orange after a while, and stopped, and shortly after that I started doing a diet out of Australia called Failsafe, which is low in salicylates and amines and such. Basically, it's an all white food diet. I also suddenly added white sugar back in after only doing honey on the SCD.

The interesting part is that over the course of about 3 weeks after starting the white food diet, my skin became covered in liver spots and brown patches. For years I've blamed the sudden increase of sugar, but from what you've been saying about Vit A recently, I'm thinking it has something to do with that instead. Was it my liver dumping? I still have a lot of the brown patches, though they've faded a bit over time.

It's funny how much of what you're saying right now (about plant toxins) is what I said during my Failsafe time, but had been convinced back around to thinking of veggies and colorful foods as healthy.

My response:  I absolutely think it was part of the Poison/"Vitamin A" dumping/detox, and the combination of excessive carotenoids in your skin (carotenemia)--and how they turn into damaging retinyl esters in the skin (discussed in another thread)--caused hyperpigmentation (excess melanin) which is a known symptom of Vitamin A toxicity (see MEGA symptoms thread). The fact that they are fading over time is good, and it can be theorized that as you deplete the system of Poison/"Vitamin A" that they will possibly fade away completely.  There may also be nutrient deficiencies getting in the way of that process though, and that might interfere with the process.

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