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Scientific paper recommending restriction on Vitamin A supplement sales in 1977!!!

Abnormal liver function in chronic hypervitaminosis A. (1977)

A case of chronic hypervitaminosis A is reported in a 57-year-old woman who took vitamin preparations for alopecia. Liver biopsy of the patient showed both an increase in the number and size of fat-storing cells on light microscopy and rapidly fading green autofluorescence of vitamin A. Electron microscopy confirmed the presence of engorged fat-storing cells in the space of Disse and minor toxic changes in hepatocytes. This case illustrates the early hepatic changes of chronic hypervitaminosis A and indicates a need for restriction of sales of vitamin preparations.

A sad part here is that this woman was taking Vitamin A supplements for her hair loss, when a well-known side effect of chronic long-term Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity is massive hair loss.

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