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Restricting Poison/"Vitamin A" INCREASED bone density in children!

Here's the quick summary.  In adults, more than 5000 IU per day of total Poison/"Vitamin A" has been associated with increased risk and severity of osteoporosis.

So...what would RESTRICTING Poison/"Vitamin A" do in kids then?  Can you believe that it INCREASED their bone density?

What if the very people who were trying to "prevent Vitamin A deficiency" were quite obviously being shown to be POISONING people with these interventions?

See below, it's all right there.

Restricting vitamin A intake increases bone formation in Zambian children with high liver stores of vitamin.

This analysis was performed in Zambian children who had a high prevalence of hypervitaminosis A, defined as > 1.0 μmol retinol/g liver. Bone parameters included markers of bone formation (P1NP), bone resorption (CTX), parathyroid hormone, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D. Low dietary vitamin A intake increased P1NP.

PURPOSE: Vitamin A (VA) interacts with bone health, but mechanisms require clarification. In countries where multiple interventions exist to eradicate VA deficiency, some groups are consuming excessive VA.
RESULTS: Bone formation, as measured by P1NP, increased (P < 0.0001) in the placebo group who consumed low preformed VA during the intervention.
CONCLUSIONS: Reduction of dietary preformed VA in Zambian children for 4 months improved bone formation. Chronic consumption of preformed VA caused hypervitaminosis A and may impair bone formation. In children, this could be associated with failure to accrue optimal peak bone mass.

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