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Research done with Poison/"Vitamin A" infused coconut oil, double whammy bad

The effect of vitamin A-fortified coconut cooking oil on the serum retinol concentration of Filipino children 4-7 years old
"Intake of vitamin A-fortified cooking oil combined with vitamin A-rich foods was necessary to increase serum retinol concentration. It is recommended to vigorously promote the consumption of vitamin A-fortified cooking oil together with other vitamin A-rich sources to sustain the prevention and control of vitamin A deficiency."

Grant Genereux and I have both noticed, in ourselves and others, that coconut oil/fat tends to aggravate Poison/"Vitamin A" issues.  See the Stearate/stearic acid thread for more info on my theory.  So, combining coconut oil and Vitamin A sounds like a great idea, no?  [that was sarcasm]

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