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Removal of Poison/"Vitamin A" necessary for proper testicular development

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I do believe the title below says it all.  Remember, the science shows that ALL forms of "Vitamin" A that come into the body, whether it is from foods, supplements, or anything else, turns into retinoic acids.

Retinoic Acid Antagonizes Testis Development in Mice


  • Downstream of SRY and SOX9, CYP26B1 is required for normal testis development
  • In Cyp26b1-KO XY mice, ovotestes form, and development of sex ducts is abnormal
  • Ectopic RA antagonizes testis fate by maintaining DAX1 expression


Mammalian sex determination depends on a complex interplay of signals that promote the bipotential fetal gonad to develop as either a testis or an ovary, but the details are incompletely understood. Here, we investigated whether removal of the signaling molecule retinoic acid (RA) by the degradative enzyme CYP26B1 is necessary for proper development of somatic cells of the testes. Gonadal organ culture experiments suggested that RA promotes expression of some ovarian markers and suppresses expression of some testicular markers, acting downstream of Sox9. XY Cyp26b1-null embryos, in which endogenous RA is not degraded, develop mild ovotestes, but more important, steroidogenesis is impaired and the reproductive tract feminized. Experiments involving purified gonadal cells showed that these effects are independent of germ cells and suggest the direct involvement of the orphan nuclear receptor DAX1. Our results reveal that active removal of endogenous RA is required for normal testis development in the mouse.

This scientific observation could explain many things about what is happening to the men and boys in the Western world.

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