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Public FB post...possible long-term WAPF diet and cancer connection?

This was sent to me recently, here's what the person who sent it said about the attached picture:

"Hi Dr. Smith,

I am friends with someone very well known within the WAPF foundation. They just had their annual conference recently, and below, I am attaching what she posted on her FB page.

I don’t know who these individuals are who are dying, I just thought it very interesting. Thought you might too."

Here is the most pertinent text from that screenshot, it should be noted that the globe icon on that screenshot means that the post was "Public" and is visible to everyone on the internet, so that post is public domain and was not intended to be private.

"At this moment I have two very dear friends, within the Weston A. Price community that I have been part of for years, dying from cancer.  This is a testament to the toxicity of the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath [sic], the earth we walk upon and from which comes our food.  This madness has got to stop!"

Several things:

  1. Can I know what exactly caused these instances of cancer?  No.
  2. WAPF is well-known for advocating extremely high Vitamin A diets, including supplementing cod liver oil, eating liver and organ meats, and consuming lots of dairy.  They strongly believe in the "Appeal to Nature" fallacy about Vitamin A, that the "natural" forms are harmless and can/should be taken in large amounts, and that only the "synthetic" forms are harmful.  This in not true and multiple studies from the early 1900s show that "natural" foods (absolutely including eating liver and/or cod liver oil) can and did absolutely cause Hypervitaminosis A.
  3. Grant Genereux wrote his whole third e-book (linked on this blog-forum) on the researched connections between Poison/"Vitamin A" and breast cancer.  There is a definite scientific connection, I will be fleshing this out more in the future here.
  4. The "toxicity of the food we eat" statement is likely true, and it is a "natural" toxin that this group encourages abundant consumption of.  It is Poison/"Vitamin A".
  5. My judgement of having attended a WAPF conference (I spoke at one regarding nightshades, I believe 2008), having attended a local WAPF meeting, and having treated/worked with many ex-WAPFers as clients & patients, is that this supposedly "healthy" dietary approach is absolutely NOT healthy based on the results in the people I have observed.  The proof is in the pudding.
  6. This is not even addressing the amounts of Vitamin D that they are consuming via cod liver oil and dairy, which I also strongly believe causes health problems.
  7. This is also not even addressing the demonstrated toxicity/rancidity problems of the fermented cod liver oil that is popular in that world.
  8. This is also not even addressing the excess of dietary calcium that comes from a high-dairy diet, which makes all of the problems from excess consumption of Vitamin A and Vitamin D even worse.

There are no coincidences.

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