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Poison/"Vitamin A" is an adjuvant (think vaccines) and adjuvants cause autoimmunity

This article is another one in the group of connecting Poison/"Vitamin A" to demonstrably known disease-producing processes.

Short story:  retinoic acid, the most harmful form of Poison/"Vitamin A", is being studied as a vaccine adjuvant, and has been used in this adjuvant capacity to INDUCE disease in lab animals.  This should be a very bad sign to those who understand even the minimum about the damage that adjuvants have been shown to do.

A quick definition.  Adjuvant:  "a pharmacological [drug] or immunological [relating to the structure and function of the immune system] agent that modifies the effect of other agents. Adjuvants may be added to a vaccine to boost the immune response to produce more antibodies and longer-lasting immunity, thus minimizing the dose of antigen needed."

Let's use some logic.  ALL drugs have side effects.  A drug that is intended to affect the immune system (ie. adjuvants) should therefore be expected to have side effects that mainly involve the immune system.  Autoimmunity is a disease of the immune system.  Autoimmunity, in my opinion and based on Grant Genereux's work, is caused at its foundation/root by Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity.  So, let's connect the dots in the literature, shall we?

First, other known adjuvants used in vaccines include thiomersal (mercury), alum (aluminum salts), and ASO4 (aluminum salt).  Maybe you're familiar with the reputations of mercury and aluminum in human health.  They don't go together well (that's an understatement).  If  you aren't up to speed on these facts, I don't have the time to catch you up.  It goes like this...adjuvants are typically known toxins, and it is the immune system's job to mount a counterattack against these invading substances.  It is not "stimulating" the immune system in a good way, it is the body mounting a defense.

So now I've said that adjuvants are toxins and therefore I'm implying that adjuvants as a whole can be connected to causing disease (it's part of my whole approach to health).  Can we go into the literature and find examples of the general category of "adjuvants" causing disease?  Yes, we can.

First, there is Human Adjuvant Disease.  Here are the first 20 studies with that specific term in the title from Pubmed.  Seems like a connection has been established between "adjuvants" and disease.

There is another obvious term in the literature as well.  This one is called "Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants" (ASIA for short).  I'm not going to cut-and-paste all the studies here, I'll put in a couple obvious-in-the-title links and then a link that will take you to the first 20 most recent published papers that specifically have that term in the title:

Vaccines, adjuvants and autoimmunity.

Adjuvants and autoimmunity.

The autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA)/Shoenfeld's syndrome: descriptive analysis of 300 patients from the international ASIA syndrome registry.

Pubmed results for most recent 20 papers with "Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants" in the title. (this link will likely not work on a phone browser, must be opened on a computer browser)

So, the above should establish that adjuvants are causing autoimmunity disease.  Since I'm here to discuss the Poison/"Vitamin A" connection, let's get into that now.  Remember, that retinoic acid (RA, with or without additional letters) is the most damaging form of Poison/"Vitamin A":

Adjuvant activity of all-trans-retinoic acid in C57Bl/6 mice.

Potential for use of retinoic acid as an oral vaccine adjuvant

Adjuvant potential of low dose all-trans retinoic acid during oral typhoid vaccination in Zambian men.

[Possible role of the thymus in the mechanism of the adjuvant effect of retinoic acid].

Retinoic acid as an adjuvant to imprint mucosal homing properties to vaccine-induced T cells (39.32)

Use of Retinoic Acid as an Adjuvant during Vaccination Results in Increased Central Memory T cells and also Imprints Gut Mucosal Homing Properties to Memory T Cells

Retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 as a molecular adjuvant for enhancement of mucosal immunity during DNA vaccination

To sum up...adjuvants cause disease, Poison/"Vitamin A" is an adjuvant, ergo...Poison/"Vitamin A" causes disease.



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