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Testimonial: Poison/"Vitamin A" caused problems, avoiding it solved them!

I address some of the questions in this email below.

"Hi Garrett,

I've been reading your info about the vit A since the Matt Stone article. I would like to get the detox food list if possible! Over the past twoish months or so I have given up all beta-carotene foods and nightshades- except white potatoes. Two years ago I injured myself trail running- I kicked a rock while running downhill- I have seen two chiro's with some relief, but the stiffness in my lower back and hip would NOT go away, I couldn't even touch the floor by my feet with my hands. As of last week, I can easily bend over and touch the floor. The injury has finally healed, it's hard for me to believe it was the "health" foods I was eating keeping my injured.

Along with those foods I gave up all CLO, Optivite, vit D supplements. I'm 52 and feel 25 again. I was a runner, swimmer, mom of 6, and over-all energizer bunny- until we started to take all of those things about 10 years ago. My health went downhill, a little at a time, until I felt like an old stiff grannie. So please tell me how to get the lists of food, and how to pay for them. And if I get brave maybe I'll even do some testing with you! I swim so much I don't know if I will notice any dry skin improvements, have you heard from any swimmers?

Thank you for this research!"

  1. To purchase the comprehensive Poison/"Vitamin A" detox (it is MUCH more than just a "food list"), use the Contact Us links.
  2. Regarding the testing I do with clients, it can help speed the resolutions of the problems sooner and more completely.
  3. Regarding the dry skin, if it is related to Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity, doing the detox will help that to clear up.  If it is related to chlorine compounds or other things added to the pool water, the detox cannot address that part. One is internal, the other is external.


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