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Poison/"Vitamin A" blocks potassium channels, related to Isaac's Syndrome?

Some of the greatest impacts I've made with people's health has been to get them to increase their potassium intake.  Could this have been helpful mainly because Poison/"Vitamin A" blocks potassium channels, and thus more potassium is needed to "force" its way around the blocked channels?  In addition, as I have been doing this longer, I have seen a connection between a person who has true "hypervitaminosis A" by conventional lab ranges and a definite intolerance to increasing his potassium in any focused way (food or supplement), while he still presents symptoms I associate with potassium deficiency (fatigue soon after eating, and an intolerance to any magnesium supplementation, are the two main ones he presented off the top of my head).  Something being wrong with the potassium channels makes more and more sense now...

Retinoic acid blocks potassium channels in human lymphocytes.

"Using the whole-cell variation of the patch-clamp technique, we have determined that retinoic acid, an active metabolite of natural vitamin A that possesses potent immunomodulating activity, reduces the K+ current in human T lymphocytes and natural killer cells in a dose-dependent manner: acute treatment with 5 X 10(-5) M caused over a 70% reduction while concentrations less than 1 X 10(-5) M caused less than 30% inhibition. Natural killer activity and T cell mitogenesis was inhibited by RA at concentrations that reduced the K+ conductance and correlated with the ability of a variety of classical ion-channel blockers to inhibit the functional activity of these cells. Thus, the reported inhibitory effects on natural killer activity and T cell mitogenesis by high concentrations of retinoic acid can be explained by its effect on the K channel."

If you have not read Grant Genereux's e-books on the connection between Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity and so-called "autoimmune" diseases (we both believe they are a poisoning, not the immune system going insane on itself), then you may find the following possible connection to Isaac's Syndrome VERY interesting.  I only learned about Isaac's Syndrome when a young female client's mother told me she had it. Here is what she said about it:

"Last winter she had bloodwork showing voltage gated potassium channel antibodies (they bind to nerve receptors and cause muscles to continually fire), and the neurologist told us she probably has Isaac's Syndrome. An EMG was normal so then they told us not to worry about it. At the time, her symptoms didn't really sound like that disorder so we only mildly panicked."

It is listed on the Genetics and Rare Diseases Information Center (so not a common condition), and is connected to potassium channels:

Isaacs' Syndrome Information Page - Definition section

"The acquired form occasionally develops in association with peripheral neuropathies or after radiation treatment, but more often is caused by an autoimmune condition. Autoimmune-mediated Issacs' syndrome is typically caused by antibodies that bind to potassium channels on the motor nerve. Issacs' syndrome is only one of several neurological conditions that can be caused by potassium channel antibodies."

Is this syndrome connected to Chronic Insidious Vitamin A Toxicity?  Well, all I can say that after this young girl has been on a Nutritional Restoration program from me, including doing my Poison/"Vitamin A" detox plan faithfully, she is doing great...while her other doctors had absolutely NO answer for her or her concerned parents.



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