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Paper: Evidence that glyphosate is a causative agent in chronic sub-clinical metabolic acidosis and mitochondrial dysfunction

Evidence that glyphosate is a causative agent in chronic sub-clinical metabolic acidosis and mitochondrial dysfunction

[full paper attached as PDF below]

Abstract: Many types of chemicals, including pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs, cause metabolic acidosis and mitochondrial disorder. We provide evidence from the scientific literature that glyphosate can be metabolized by humans, that it disrupts the intestinal microbiota, causes severe metabolic acidosis when ingested in high doses and leads to mitochondrial dysfunction by uncoupling of phosphorylation. The symptoms and diseases associated with metabolic acidosis and mitochondrial dysfunction compare well with those attributed to glyphosate. Taken together, this evidence suggests that glyphosate, in the doses equivalent to allowed residues in food ingested over a long period of time, causes a low-grade, chronic acidosis as well as mitochondrial dysfunction. We also provide evidence from the literature supporting the biochemical pathways whereby this occurs. We then extract the reports for symptoms and diseases associated with glyphosate from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Adverse Event Reporting System database. These are compared to the symptoms and diseases reported in the database for drugs that are known to cause mitochondrial dysfunction. The results are startlingly consistent. Finally, we hypothesize that many modern diseases are primarily acquired mitochondrial disorders caused by chemical pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, food additives and industrial chemicals.

Glyphosate slows/stops the natural breakdown of Poison/"Vitamin A", thus reducing the time and amount it takes to reach toxicity.

Beta-carotene (plant form of Poison/"Vitamin A") is also known to cause mitochondrial dysfunction.

Note that "food additives" are mentioned of the things most commonly used to fortify foods guessed it, Poison/"Vitamin A".

Do you see how all these things act together?

Do you believe in coincidences?  I don't.


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