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Nail fungus / onycholysis fix for 3 dollars, MD-recommended

An economical cure

"I am a retired physician whose left big toenail became heavily colonized by an unidentified fungus with resultant thickening, opacity and deformation. A respected dermatologist confirmed my diagnosis, but we decided not to initiate any treatment. The cost of oral treatments ranges from about $250 to $500, and there are many serious side effects.1–3

Shortly after the consultation, I decided to undertake a trial of topical iodine. I obtained a bottle of 2.5% iodine tincture at a cost of $3.27, and applied one drop of the solution daily, with occasional lapses, to the tip of the affected toenail. The iodine travelled rapidly into the depths of the affected subungual tissues.

After 2 weeks, a sliver of normal-looking nail appeared at the proximal end of the affected nail. Encouraged, I continued the treatment. The nail grew at the normal slow rate, and the diseased area gradually moved distally. The nail is now apparently normal.

The total cost of the treatment was $3.27, and half of the original bottle of iodine solution remains for further treatment, if required. In view of the efficacy of the treatment in this isolated case, it would seem reasonable to institute a trial with a larger number of patients to obtain scientifically acceptable results. However, blinded trials would be difficult, given the telltale colour and odour of iodine. No side effects were observed in the case described."

Products that fit the above description:

  • Tincture of iodine or iodine tincture is available (should be between $3-$4USD/bottle) at your local drug stores aka chemist
  • Swan Iodine Tincture U.S.P. - 1 fl oz (2 pack) (Amazon):
  • MAKE SURE that it is ONLY "iodine tincture USP" or "tincture of iodine USP" and that it does NOT contain any POTASSIUM iodIDE.

I absolutely do NOT recommend any products that contain potassium iodide to anyone.  Potassium iodide over time ruins thyroids. Don't believe me?  See the other thread in this forum for more information on that topic.

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