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MTHFR mutations may speed development of Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity

Remember, some of any/all of the Poison/"Vitamin A" that a person eats turns into isotretinoin, aka 13-cis retinoic acid, aka ACCUTANE as it is detoxed/processed out by the body.  So one does not have to have taken a pharmaceutical to get the following problem.

Note that spearhead in the title means "a leading element, force, or influence in an undertaking or development":

Sacroiliitis and muscle cramps in a healthy young man: some spearhead on MTHFR mutations.

A 27-year-old man developed sacroiliitis and muscle cramps during treatment with isotretinoin for acne. The man, who presented with 1-year history of lower back pain, had received isotretinoin [dosage and route not stated] for 12 months 1 year ago. He had no other medical history. Physical examination revealed a restricted range of motion in the back. Sacroiliac compression tests were positive and x-rays were consistent with bilateral sacroiliitis. Sacroiliitis was diagnosed, possibly secondary to retinoic acid use. The man was treated with a NSAID and sulfasalazine. At follow-up, he was prescribed oral muscle relaxants to treat severe left gluteal cramp-like muscle pain. During recurrent episodes, acupuncture, physical therapy and sacroiliac injections were used. Laboratory tests revealed a homocysteine level of 22 micromol/L (normal 3-12) and the man was found to be homozygous for MTHFR C677T mutations.

Author comment:
"The presence of MTHFR mutations could have facilitated the occurrence of retinoic acid induced sacroiliitis. . . We also attribute the severe episodes of muscle pain to be in association with these mutations."

Those who obsess about the MTHFR mutations also obsess over their supposed increased needs for folates and Vitamin B12.

It should be known that 13-cis retinoic acid, aka isotretinoin mentioned above, aka ACCUTANE, has been shown to consistently DEPLETE both folate and Vitamin B12 in multiple case studies.

It should also be known that retinoic acids have been shown to impact both epigenetics and methylation processes.

Is it that their needs are genetically increased, OR is it that they are more susceptible to Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity symptoms, which INCLUDE those exact same vitamin deficiencies?

I say that there is an epidemic of Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity that has arisen in the last 40 years that is exploiting certain people's genetics...not that humanity's genetics has somehow become faulty in the last 40 years.  My approach has a distinct solution, the other approach only creates victim mentalities.

It would seem that, rather than adding even more supplements to one's regimen, the primary solution would be removing the poison.

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