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More Poison/"Vitamin A" from WAPF/CLO/liver, more morning sickness, less appetite, child has teeth enamel issues

Posted here from a FaceBook post with permission:

"I had no morning sickness with my first baby.

Lots of it with my second on a WAPF diet. In fact I had little appetite the entire pregnancy. I was doing cod liver oil AND liver when I got pregnant, I thought I was so healthy but the way I felt was anything but. He is also my kid with serious tooth enamel issues."

Hypervitaminosis A will occur after the capacities of these binding proteins have been exceeded. Symptoms generally include skin erythema and desquamation, increased liver size, abdominal pain, nausea, and appetite loss.

The enamel issues that the child had are also related to Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity, as I discuss in my dental/teeth post here.

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