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Anecdote: The all-fatty-beef and water Carnivore Diet, one example of a low-to-no Poison/"Vitamin A" diet

My commentary will be below the two video links.

Grant Genereux kindly sent me this summary:
  • "She had health issues all of her life
  • Hip and ankle replaced in her 20s
  • Had chronic depression 
  • Multiple autoimmune diseases 
  • Some form of IBS
  • Rashy itchy skin - some form of dermatitis
  • Significantly overweight (60 lbs), lost all of that
  • Went on an elimination diet, finally landed on an all meat diet. "Beef and salt and water".
  • After about a year now, she has resolved all of the above.
  • What's interesting to me is that a quite a few people have now reported that not only has their mood and general sense of well-being improved, their thinking clarity is much better. She reporting the same happened to her. [the same has happened to me! - Dr. Smith]
  • Her dad is Jordan Peterson. He's a well known U of T prof here in Canada. He's been on the same diet too now. Similar results. Lost a lot of weight and his long term depression lifted."

My commentary:  The all-fatty-beef-and-water version of the Carnivore Diet is an extremely low Poison/"Vitamin A" diet.  The benefits of it are NOT from the purported BS "magick of ketosis", they are from the extremely low Poison/"Vitamin A" intake.  This is why people who do a ketogenic diet with massive intake of Poison/"Vitamin A" from things like liver (and other organ meats), pork fat/bacon/lard, and/or lots of peppers/capsicum/spicy foods and condiments decidedly do NOT do well at all over time on their chosen foods.

Am I advocating the Carnivore Diet?  It's definitely not my personal choice for a low-to-no Poison/"Vitamin A" dietary approach.  Does it WORK?  Yes.  Does it seem very sustainable in a world full of food choice? Not really, unless people didn't know WHY that diet got them better and that's the only solution they can figure out.  WE now know differently.  With what we know now, there is no need at all to be this insanely restrictive (unless that's the type of diet you like, then go for it). I have assembled a food list of low-to-no Poison/"Vitamin A" foods for my clients to go by, which at single-spaced typing extends onto a second page at this point (and I'm always trying to add foods to it).

Soon, I'll do examples of the "Potato Diet" show that a no-meat diet that is also extremely low in Poison/"Vitamin A" is also extremely viable and beneficial...not due to what it contains, but to what it is LACKING.

This is the Joe Rogan Experience podcast she mentions having been on previously:


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