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LOW Poison/"Vitamin A" diets that people have thrived or are thriving on

The point of this post is to demonstrate how many people have absolutely THRIVED on extremely low Poison/"Vitamin A" diets. There is plenty of evidence that humans don't need Poison/"Vitamin A" (this includes carotenoids) at all, the the real-world type of evidence is the best.

First, we have Grant Genereux's purposeful avoidance of as much Poison/"Vitamin A" as he possibly could, going on 5+ years at this point, and blood testing confirmed extremely low serum retinol level:

For the meat-eaters, we have the "beef (muscle meat only, NO organ meats), water, (maybe) salt" variation of the Carnivore Diet.  Note that this version I am talking about has none of the MISTAKES that other Carnivore and/or keto people are often making in massive amounts, as in including egg yolks, liver, any pig/pork products (especially bacon and/or lard), and even too much dairy fat.  There is a reason why this variation WORKS, and the others DON'T:

There's the 46-day dopplebock-style beer fast that monks used to follow:

  • These 17th century monks did a beer fast for Lent
  • A quote from the article, from a newspaper editor who undertook this "fast": "Wilson noted that he was acutely hungry for the first several days of his fast, but “my body then switched gears, replaced hunger with focus, and I found myself operating in a tunnel of clarity unlike anything I’d ever experienced.” He ended up losing over 25 pounds over the course of the Lenten season, but learned to practice “self-discipline.”" It doesn't sound like he was suffering to me!

The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico, described as a amazing endurance runners in the book Born to Run:

Some of you will remember this, the old bodybuilder diet of only "skinless chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli".  Guys lived on this for YEARS.

For the vegan/vegetarian crowd, there are several variations.  First is the potato diet:

Next is the simple observation and knowledge of how many cultures have not only survived, but physically thrived, on a nearly all rice-and-beans diet.

Rice and Beans: A Unique Dish in a Hundred Places

rice and beans amazon

Rice and Beans is a book about the paradox of local and global. On the one hand, this is a globe-spanning dish, a simple source of complete nutrition for billions of people in hundreds of countries. On the other hand, in every place people insist that rice and beans is a local invention, deeply rooted in a particular history and culture. How can something so universal also be so particular?

The authors of this book explore the specific history of the versions of rice and beans beloved and indigenous in cultures from Brazil to West Africa. But they also plumb the shared African, Native American and European trans-Atlantic encounters and exchanges, and the contemporary forces of globalization and nation-building, which combine to make rice and beans a powerful substance and symbol of the relationship between food and culture.

One must ask themselves, how can a food combination be so universal, yet our modern so-called "nutrition experts" would say it is horribly deficient, particularly in all types of Poison/"Vitamin A"?  The answer is, quite simply, that we don't need ANY Poison/"Vitamin A" to thrive, and humans actually need very little nutrition WHEN, AND ONLY WHEN, there is little to no Poison/"Vitamin A" in their diet AND there are no chemicals like glyphosate, or pharmaceutical medications, shutting down the proper detoxification of Poison/"Vitamin A".

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