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"Liver Damage Caused by Therapeutic Vitamin A Administration: Estimate of Dose-Related Toxicity in 41 Cases"

Liver Damage Caused by Therapeutic Vitamin A Administration: Estimate of Dose-Related Toxicity in 41 Cases

Clinical presentation, changes in liver function test results, and liver morphology were examined in 41 consecutive patients with vitamin A hepatoxicity. The cause of liver disease was suspected at initial interview in only 13 instances, whereas histological evidence of fat-storing cell hyperplasia with fluorescent vacuoles led to the diagnosis in the remaining cases.

Doctors only suspected chronic Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity in less than 1/3 of the cases!

Many people out there on the interwebz think they're much smarter than they actually are and indignantly say, "I'm positive that Vitamin A toxicity isn't happening to me or anyone I know."

The other 28 cases had to be figured out by LIVER BIOPSY, not blood tests!

Let's do some math here.

Doctors only guess the cause correctly less than 1/3 the time + no one wants to get a biopsy if they don't have to + too-smart-for-their-own-good people ASSume they couldn't possibly have Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity + blood tests in the wrong hands WILL be misdiagnosed = no one is going to find a problem that they aren't looking for or that they can't see even if it is right in front of their faces!!!

Cirrhosis was found in 17, mild chronic hepatitis in 10, noncirrhotic portal hypertension in 5, and "increased storage" alone in 9 cases. During a mean follow-up period of 4.6 years, 6 patients died of causes related to the liver disease.

Let's be clear about this.  Chronic Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity can and does lead to death.

A precise appraisal of drug consumption was obtained in 29 cases. Among them the total cumulative intake was the highest in patients with cirrhosis (423 +/- 103 x 10(6) IU) and significantly lower in those with noncirrhotic liver disease (88.5 +/- 41; P less than 0.02). The smallest continuous daily consumption leading to cirrhosis was 25,000 IU during 6 years, whereas higher daily doses (greater than or equal to 100,000 IU) taken during 21/2 years resulted in similar histological lesions. It was concluded that at least in some western countries chronic vitamin A consumption might represent an appreciable cause of chronic liver disease, the recognition of which mainly relies on expert liver biopsy interpretation. The data also indicate that prolonged and continuous consumption of doses in the low "therapeutic" range can result in life-threatening liver damage.

The mistake that too many people make is that they believe that the Poison/"Vitamin A" in foods is somehow magickally safe and can never cause problems, while it is only supplements and medications that cause problems.  They are sadly mistaken, and their health will suffer for it until they figure it out.

"...the recognition of which mainly relies on expert liver biopsy interpretation."...what I believe they are implying here is that blood tests (at least the way they use them, which is quite different to how I use them) DON'T generally show the problem, and a EXPERT liver biopsy (not fun) was necessary to uncover the real CAUSE of the disease.

"...continuous consumption of doses in the low "therapeutic" range can result in life-threatening liver damage."...people simply trying to do what they hear about how to "eat healthy" can very easily eat way more Poison/"Vitamin A" than a low "therapeutic" dose of Vitamin A supplements would provide.  It all causes the exact same problem, because in the end it all converts to retinoic acids...which are the scourge of humanity's chronic disease epidemics.

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