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Less bone density will be built with strength training (loading) when Poison/"Vitamin A" is too high

It has been shown that a SURPRISINGLY SMALL intake of Poison/"Vitamin A" greatly increases osteoporosis and fracture risk.  The cutoff number, at this point, is 1500 micrograms (5000 IU) and above per day.  It could be smaller though.  If someone thought they could just exercise or weight train their way around this problem, sorry, it doesn't work that way.

Vitamin A decreases the anabolic bone response to mechanical loading by suppressing bone formation

Increased vitamin A consumption is associated with decreased cortical bone mass and increased fracture risk in humans. Rodent studies have demonstrated that hypervitaminosis A increases cortical bone resorption, whereas the importance of the effects on bone formation is less well defined. We used an experimental model of increased bone formation by loading of the tibiae to investigate the effect of vitamin A on bone formation. Control [retinol activity equivalents (RAE) 4.5 µg/g chow] or vitamin A (RAE 60 µg/g chow) diets were given to female C57BL/6N mice for 4 wk, after which the tibiae were subjected to axial loading on alternate days for 2 wk, while the diets were continued. Vitamin A inhibited the loading-induced increase in trabecular and cortical bone volume. This was attributed to inhibition of loading-induced increase in osteoblast number and activity, and expression of osteoblastic genes Sp7Alpl, and Col1a1 in cortical bone. Vitamin A, loading, and combination thereof also resulted in site-specific effects on bone composition measured by Raman spectroscopy. In summary, a clinically relevant dose of vitamin A suppresses the loading-induced gain of bone mass by decreasing bone formation. These observations may have implications for regulation of bone mass caused by physical activity and the risk of osteoporosis in humans.

The saying "you can't out-train a bad diet" was never more true than in all the problems that Poison/"Vitamin A" causes.

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