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Increased allergic-type diseases in newborns given Poison/"Vitamin A"

Atopy refers to the genetic tendency to develop allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis, asthma and atopic dermatitis (eczema). Atopy is typically associated with heightened immune responses to common allergens, especially inhaled allergens and food allergens.

Note in the papers mentioned below, that these newborns have a high level of so-called "Vitamin A deficiency" yet were made worse by high-dose Vitamin A supplementation.  It's a fraud, folks.  Is this behind the massive explosion of all types of allergic disease in the Western world?  I say it is.

Disparity between vitamin A-induced Th1-dependent oral tolerance in newborn mice and vitamin A-induced atopic sensitization in Guinean girls

We have twice demonstrated that high-dose VAS given to newborn girls in Guinea-Bissau increases wheeze and atopic sensitization to aeroallergens later in childhood.2, 3 Infants in Guinea-Bissau have a high level of vitamin A deficiency, and the mechanistic data generated by Turfkruyer et al. would suggest that these children should benefit most from VAS. The failure of VAS to protect against atopy and indeed to promote sensitization in Guinean girls leaves a disparity between the clinical and laboratory findings that needs to be resolved.

Here are the two studies linked above:

Vitamin A supplementation and BCG vaccination at birth may affect atopy in childhood: long-term follow-up of a randomized controlled trial.

Vitamin A supplementation was associated with increased atopy (OR, 2.88; 1.26-6.58), especially in those who received simultaneous BCG (5.99; 1.99-18.1, P = 0.09 for interaction between vitamin A supplementation and BCG). Early vs delayed BCG was not associated with symptoms of atopic disease, but vitamin A supplementation increased odds of wheeze within the past 12 months (OR, 2.45; 1.20-4.96).

CONCLUSIONS: There were no statistically significant effects of early vs delayed BCG on atopy or symptoms of atopic disease. Having a BCG scar was associated with reduced atopy, whereas neonatal vitamin A supplementation was associated with increased atopy.

Neonatal vitamin A supplementation associated with increased atopy in girls.

CONCLUSION: The study corroborated previous observations; NVAS [Neonatal Vitamin A Supplementation] was associated with increased risk of atopy and wheezing, in this study only among females. Further studies on NVAS and atopy are warranted.

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