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How can you learn more about this stuff?

There are multiple ways that you can learn more about my (Dr. Smith's) approaches to health.

First, becoming a client and experiencing it yourself is the best and truest way of learning it.  One should be a follower BEFORE they are a leader. Contact Us to get started.  Walk the walk before trying to talk the talk.

Second, I have a private fee-based FaceBook group where I do an hour-long in-depth Q&A session once a week.  This is where I get much deeper on answers to questions than I do in my personal FaceBook Live Q&As.  Contact Us for more info.

Next, I will be doing another webinar soon.  I did one previously on hair mineral analysis that included both practitioners and laypeople that was very well received.  This new webinar will include how/what to use on hair mineral analysis (not all of it is useful), which blood tests are useful and optimal ranges for them, and the specifics on nutritionally detoxing people from the greatest "hidden in plain sight" poisons of today (including Vitamin A and Vitamin D supplements).  If you want to be put on a contact list,  Contact Us.


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